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4 Ways to Promote Your Shop this Spring

Flowers are one of the easiest ways to express love and appreciation for someone. With just 2 months into 2023, now is the time to set your flower delivery business up for success for the year and revisit your current floral marketing strategy.

Here are four simple ways to promote your floral business:

1. Consider email marketing

The idea of checking emails has become the modern version of reading the morning newspaper. Email marketing is a simple form of floral advertising that can reconnect you with your customers and drive additional sales. Not only can email help with brand affinity, but also can come in handy after you survey existing customers. If you ask for their email addresses and mark down their favorite floral arrangements, you can send special offers based on their preferences.   

2. Revamp your floral website

Having a relevant customized website allows your customers to have a seamless way to browse and order your floral offerings. If you aren’t doing so already, you should refresh your flower shop website’s homepage regularly with new arrangements and prominently display a seasonal category to draw your customers in. Another way to keep the content on your site new and current is to create and maintain a blog on your website as it can keep your online presence afloat.

3. Decorate the outside of your shop

If you want to take a more traditional route for bringing more people into the shop, start at the very foundation of your flower business: the exterior of the building. The outside of your flower store will make the first impression before you and your staff can. To ensure your floral business grabs the attention it deserves, consider investing in new window signage, setting up a seating area for people to relax, and displaying your own flower arrangement and greenery. This is an effective opportunity to inspire potential customers to step inside and browse your store for similar offerings.

4. Consider paid search advertising

As most customers start searching for a florist online, making sure you appear in the relevant search results can get your shop a lot of exposure to potential customers in the local area. When starting out for the first time, have patience. Arriving at an online paid search program that works for your shop requires data and takes time – often 2 to 3 months – to gain positive momentum. Starting now can give you time to learn, adjust and perfect your advertising by the time Mother’s Day arrives. Additionally, it’s a good idea to hire an industry expert to create and manage your paid search.