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Improve Online Reviews

Online reviews are one of the first things potential customers can explore to find out more about florists. In most cases, customers take online reviews quite seriously and you should too. Taking control of your reputation online is critical for growing your online customer base.

An abundance of praise for a local flower business affords it greater trust with potential customers, while subpar ratings can drive away almost half of the shoppers who relied on these opinions. With no signs of online reviews becoming unpopular, here are a few best practices you can utilize to improve your flower shop’s digital reputation:

• Ask for reviews!

Customers are more likely to leave a positive review when they are simply asked to do so. It’s best to make this request as unobtrusively as possible and aim toward maximizing the number of reviews your flower business has. More reviews, positive or negative, tend to benefit your floral shop’s online presence.

• Respond to reviews!

Consumers who rely on reviews tend to notice when and how you respond to them. Most online review platforms like Yelp, Facebook, and Google provide flower business owners a way to identify themselves and respond to comments left by customers. Try to respond to as many reviews as possible, whether they are positive or negative, but prioritize the latter. Do your best to offer assistance, acknowledge a problem, or even apologize and remedy an unpleasant flower shopping experience.

• Track reviews!